Monday, February 23, 2009

The Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series

The Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series delivers the benefits of Intel® architecture for small form factor, thermally constrained and fanless embedded applications. Implemented in 45nm technology, these power-optimized processors provide robust performance-per-watt in an ultra-small 13x14 mm package.

Featuring embedded lifecycle support, the Intel Atom processors are ideal for many embedded market segments such as in-vehicle infotainment, medical, interactive client (kiosks, point-of-sale terminals), gaming and industrial control. It remains software compatible with previous 32-bit Intel® architecture and complementary silicon.

These single-core processors are validated with the Intel® System Controller Hub (SCH) US15W, which integrates a graphics memory controller hub and an I/O controller hub into one small 22x22 mm package. This low-power platform has a combined thermal design power under five watts.

Product highlights

  • Intel's 45nm technology, based on a Hafnium, high-K metal gate formula, reduces power consumption, increases switching speed, and significantly increases transistor density over previous 65nm technology.
  • Multiple micro-ops per instruction are combined into a single micro-op and executed in a single cycle, resulting in improved performance and power savings.
  • In-order execution core consumes less power than out-of-order execution.
  • Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology¹ (HT Technology; 1.6 GHz SKU only) provides high performance-per-watt efficiency in an in-order pipeline. HT Technology provides increased system responsiveness in multi-tasking environments. One execution core is seen as two logical processors, and parallel threads are executed on a single core with shared resources.

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